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Drug Discovery Today Editor’s Choice E-Newsletter delivers highly current reviews to 36,274* readers worldwide every month, addressing the rapid scientific developments in drug discovery. Each issue has a specific theme, keeping our readers fully abreast of the latest trends and developments in drug discovery.

The Editor’s Choice newsletter includes the following sections:

  • Key Research Articles
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2013 Editor’s Choice topics **

Date Topic
January ADME
February Business Strategy
March Stem Cells
April Repurposed drugs
May Antibodies
June HTS
July Drug Design
August Epigenetics
September Oncology
October Medicinal Chemistry
November Animal Models
December Biotherapeutics

* October 2012 figures. Publishers own data

* * We do our utmost to make sure that we cover these topics. However, topics can change, so if you are looking to target a specific theme, please contact your sales representative to check out E-Choice schedule

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