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Banner advertising
Marketing online brings you the profile raising and awareness building benefits of print advertising as well as delivering measurable results that can inform your marketing decisions.

Banner advertising is the ideal solution for promoting products or reinforcing your corporate visibility, creating inbound traffic to your website and product pages.

All banner advertising are tracked using DART, the world’s leading ad measurement system.

Banner Advertising Options

Leaderboard display

Large, high impact position, located at the top of the webpage. Available across all sections of


Skyscraper display

Large, vertical banner that is visible to the web user while reading articles online. Available across all sections of


Large rectangle display

Prominently positioned within the structure of web articles, this position is also referred to as an MPU – Mid Page Unit. Available across all sections of


Promotional panel

Smaller than the previous banners, the promotional panel still has a big impact as it appears across all pages of the site. Ideal if your budget is limited, but you recognise the importance of having an online presence. This is a unique sponsorship opportunity and is the only advert that appears across all sections of

Available across all sections of – please contact us for details of special button positioning on the Events pages.


Events Page Button

The events page button is an ideal way to promote your event on our events calendar. We will include your logo on the landing page of the events section of, one of the highest visibility locations on the site.

Available only on


Page Peel

A page peel provides you with the opportunity to promote your products or services on, but without the confines of a set banner advert. Highly visible, page peels offer advertisers the premium position on, without being obtrusive to the user.

What does it look like?

A small animated "peel" is displayed on the top right corner of a page.

Once the mouse is moved over the page peel, the large clickable ad is displayed. Once the mouse is moved back onto the "real" page, the page peel rolls back up.

There is an example of this advertising technology on the top right hand corner of this page.

To request further information, or to see examples of advertising on, contact your local sales representative.