Media information
Magazine Specifications

Magazine Specifications

Position mm Inches
Double Page Spread 280mm x432mm 11.023" x 17.007"
Double Page Spread Bleed 286mm x 438mm 11.259" x 17.244"
Full Page 216mm x 280mm 8.503" x 11.023"
Full Page Bleed 222mm x 286mm 8.740" x 11.259"
Half Page Horizontal 185mm x 117mm 7.283" x 4.606"
Half Page Vertical 60mm x 243mm 3.543" x 9.566"
Quarter Page Standard 90mm x 1170mm 3.543" x 4.606"
Special positions
Covers and opposite contents    
Facing editorial    
Two colour and mono rates available on request

Advert copy requirements


Adverts should be supplied as Composite PDF version 1.3, Please ensure that:

  1. Artwork is within CMYK colour space
  2. Image resolution is at least 300dpi
  3. Total ink coverage does not exceed 300%
  4. Fonts are embedded and subsetted
  5. Transparencies are flattened
  6. No colour management profiles should be included ie ICC profiles
  7. There should be no Multiple-Master fonts


set to maximum quality output


fonts as outlines or embedded


'packaged' folder, to include fonts and graphics


'collect' folder, to include fonts and graphics.

We cannot accept artwork in Microsoft product formats.

Please note that:

  • Overprint and knockout is the responsibility of the originator. If your requirements are outside of typical printer default settings (100% black set to overprint and 100% white set to knockout) you must inform us.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for colour without a contract proof

Digital edition enhanced advertising

Rich media - Files must be in 'shockwave flash' format - SWF or FLV. FLV files must have supporting content in a publicly accessible location. Max file size is 2MB, and cannot run for more than 30 seconds.

For technical requirements for embedded audio or video files, please contact us

Method of supply


  • Username: stsales
  • Password: 5a135_ftp