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Educational webinars

Work with Drug Discovery Today to impact your target audience with lively, interactive web based seminars. Educational webinars are a dynamic solution for scientists across the globe to communicate and view the latest technologies through video or audio experience.

If you are looking for new and targeted message delivery, consider some of the many benefits of sponsoring a webinar with Drug Discovery Today:

  • Involve professional researchers in an interactive question and answer session
  • Benefit from on demand viewing after the live event, and extend the value of your spend
  • Be the focus of attention in your market sector, and lead with this new and increasingly popular promotional tool

Users can register for webinars for free and if unable to attend the live event, can view them for up to six months after the event has aired.

Webinars are managed, hosted and marketed by and we will work with you to develop the topics for debate and also find companies to share the platform with you as co-sponsors whose activities complement yours.

It is also possible for us to use this technology to allow you to showcase your company for its sole use - ideally suited to demonstrate a new product, announce a significant business restructure or highlight a new research technique.

Drug Discovery Today educational webinars are becoming an increasingly popular medium in generating highly qualified sales leads for sponsors.

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